We are D'Jazz

We believe that the musical genre of jazz is for everyone

We believe that Jazz is for everyone by everyone. D’Jazz Music Indonesia was established in the summer of 2010 with the aim of becoming the centre for cultivating excellent musicians. This initial aim, however, has narrowed and focused over the years as we believe that D’Jazz Music Indonesia can achieve greater goals and influence more musicians in Jakarta.

D’Jazz Music Indonesia has become more that the average music Indonesia teaching music theories and performance skills. Our music Indonesia has become a community moreover, a hub for Jazz musicians around Jakarta. Our hub has open more opportunity for both teachers and students to explore the performing arts. It is due to the institution’s best interest of consistently improving our facilities that allows the D’Jazz community and learning experience to flourish. Our facilities have opened the platform for students, teachers, and musicians to perform and interact. With this, D’Jazz Music Indonesia will continue to facilitate teachers and students with the best and appropriate tools and materials to futher their learning experience.

Our belief in musical excellence lies in our students’ learning experience. Facilities and extensive academic materials may aid excellence; however, we believe that being include in a healthy community is also key for our student development. This is why our focus has shifted from focusing on the student skills and knowledge to focusing on how can our students be around a healthy learning community and how our institution can achieve this experience for our students.

D’Jazz Music Indonesia is taking every necessary step to futher our students experience learning Jazz music and performance. Our student’s future is our utmost priority.

Our Founder

  • Rudi H. Candra


  • Roslina Kamal

    chief executive officer & founder

Our Staff

Sheila Tiurma

Public Relation Staff

Eveline Gunawan

Operational Manager

Yunni Susilowati

Administration Staff

Linda Kartawinata

Finance Manager

Budiarto Tampubolon

Marketing & Event Staff

Our Academic Staff

  • Venche Manuhutu

    school principal

  • Danny Immanuel Candra

    business research & developement

  • Robert Mulyarahardja

    head of guitar department | guitar coach | music college preparation coach | jazz composition coach | music theory coach

  • David Manuhutu

    music director | piano coach | music college preparation | jazz composition coach | jazz improviation coach | music theory coach

  • Dion Janapria

    event & program coordinator | ensemble coach

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